1. E

    Android-based Text File Search Engine

    Please suggest me a free app for my Android cellphone [Asus A450CG] that can index and display results from inside Spreadsheets [XLS, XLSX] that I have on my SD Card. I tried out 'Andro Search'. It was a total fail, bloatware, resource-hog, that not only did not index content from inside...
  2. Faun

    Bloatware and the alternatives

    I reinstalled windows 8.1 pro and setting it up with less bloat. Bloatware I have identified so far: 1. Adobe Flash Alternative: Switched to HTML5 videos in firefox. But still had to install it for other sites. Why it is a bloatware ? It's slow and the constant update service notifications...
  3. Allu Azad

    South Korea bans unremovable mobile bloatware

    South Korea bans unremovable mobile bloatware | Ars Technica Hopefully others will follow this too ;)
  4. Lord073

    Best free substitute for Nero

    Hey guys please suggest me a good and reliable freeware alternative to Nero. I've been using trial versions of Nero ever since I started using PC's and I was very satisfied with what it offered but as you all know with every new version released it is becoming more and more of a bloatware than a...
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