1. kartikoli

    Will Origin ban an account for installing pirated version game on a PC

    I want to play my BF3 (original) on a friends PC but he has pirated version of BF4 installed so i am worried if i login to my account then what will happen. Will Origin detect a pirated BF4 and ban my account? Please suggest as i dont want to get banned and lose around 7 games in my library
  2. R

    This is how i cool my modem

    Downloading BF4
  3. R

    BF4 Game backup bangalore

    BF4 taking 120+ hrs to download can someone send me a backup,i can also collect it via ext hard disk. PM me if u stay in bangalore Pls help! thank you
  4. G

    Logitecg G510s Keyboard

    Should i buy that keyboard or not LCD Gaming Keyboard - G510s - Logitech Mostly bf4 sometime dota2 Thanks
  5. flyingcow

    Best day ever!!!!

    I ordered razer death adder 2013 edition a few days ago and got it today, guess what i found in it??? A Card saying congrats on the purchase of your AMD product, redeem your offer for he following games: farcry 3 and MOH warfighter limited edition :hyper:, and it even says BF4 beta. YAY. And it...
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