1. I

    When the bell rings, the monitor ripples! :S

    Hi all! I noticed a few days ago that whenever the bell of my house rings, a ripple comes across my monitor! It happens quite often. Any idea why that may be happening??
  2. B

    Enter this Mobile Apps contest to win an ipad/join Bell Labs India as a Research Engi

    Ready for a job that lets you innovate and build cool new applications? Desire to win an ipad? We are looking for research engineers who are passionate about building novel, attractive and scalable applications/services on mobile hand-sets. We want our selection process to be fun...
  3. Third Eye

    Cellphone user shocked by charges of $85K

    A Calgary man is disputing a cellphone bill of nearly $85,000, claiming the phone company failed to tell him using his phone to surf the internet would cost so much. The Motorola Krzr model Piotr Staniaszek bought from Bell Mobility allows him to use the phone to connect with his computer...
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