1. vishnov

    BCA maths vs Engg. Maths. whhich is tougher?

    guys can you tell me the level of difficulty of maths in bca course? is it as hard as engineering maths? and one more question too.. amongst bca,bba and bba which course has better future scope and has better chances of getting employed (after doing PG, obviously!) plz reply.
  2. clerkman1612

    Is BBA in Retails Operation from SMU(Distance Learning Course) good?

    Hello Digit Experts guys. I want to open a small ecommerce business. So BBA in Retails Operation From SMU(Distance Learning Course) good or sufficient. I has not yet planned for MBA. I m at now only 12th Commerce Pass with good % score in CBSE exams. So Please Help me in giving a good advice...
  3. G

    bba and mba help

    please guys can you help me i am calling to thoe people who have done bba or ca ,cs or mba .wha exactly do you guys do like market stocks or what few months are left for january to come please help i have to decide soon. thnks comeon guys some one would be a mba here
  4. P

    Bachelor of Buiness Information System (BBIS) confusion!?

    Hi guys, I just finished my A levels and the college i am planning to enroll in has two options: BBA and BBIS. I was not quite sure how BBIS faired in the real world. I couldn't really fine many colleges offering this program either. Any user here at Digit has taken this programme? and do you...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Need information of BBA Course at IIPM

    Hi Guys! I am looking for info of the BBA course at IIPM. I heard its a 3 year course and after working for 2 years after completion of course, I can get an MBA degree automatically. Is it any good ? It doesn't seem to be a Govt. Recoganised institute. They don't give the degree themselves. Is...
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