1. B

    My PC not getting on

    i tried a lot , but pc isnt booting 1) few months ago , it had this problem, but then automaticaly it started. 2) but now more than a month i waited , but the same, pc isnt booting. pls help.
  2. R

    YouTube downloads!!

    hi Friends! When i open a webpage with youtube video the browser automatically starts downloading the video. Is there any way to prevent the video being streamed(buffered) automaticaly untill i finish reading the comments to prevent wastage of my Bandwidth..?
  3. rameeze

    automaticaly restarts

    pc restarts automaticaly what could be problem
  4. ITTechPerson

    Toshiba Laptop Problem

    while typing in word/ppt the cursor automaticaly jumping to any othe place of the page, automaticaly changing a line / part to italiks, deleting some lines. changed the keyboard, but It doesn't helped. is it a virus? using symantec corporate edition 10.1.1 pls suggest, lap is still under...
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