1. masterkd

    [Need For Speed Most Wanted] Android device is not authorized

    I have bought NFS MW on sale from Play Store on Jan 22 and I was able to play the game a couple of times. However from last night it is showing me that my device is not authorized. I have already sent mail to EA support but there service is so pathetic that I am getting auto generated mails...
  2. A

    [Query] E-Waste management/sell electronic products

    I want to sell.. Old PC, old mobiles and other electronics. I found some sites on Times Of India news paper RECYCLE & REUSE sites are... 1. * 2. * 3. E-Parisaraa , Electronic waste recycler in india (government authorized) 4. Attero is an integrated end...
  3. pRieSt

    Difference between buying iPhone through (Online, Retail Store OR Apple authorized store)

    I am from Mumbai and have been planning to go for iPhone 5s, but the thing is I am getting cheaper at, Flipkart and some other Retail stores where I've inquired. However at Apple authorized stores in Mumbai they are selling at much more price. Difference in price :

    vmware certification @ bangalore ->need feedback

    hi, im looking to take vmware certification from bangalore, do any of you know any authorized vmware training centr? currently im looking at vepsun,but its not an authorized centr.(got most reviews in g+) is it mandatory to do training from a vmware certified institute?also do any of u ppl...
  5. D

    help with defy plus

    i am interested in defy plus at 13-14k.....i am basically attracted to the features its offering water resistant,gorilla glass because i am a rough user...i came across very good reviews praising its reliability...i confirmed and went to buy from authorized dealer locally...but after meeting the...
  6. C

    Fake or True?? Help!!!

    Jst got this mail now: Lol I m scared.... Is it a spam or ture???
  7. patkim

    Cellphone price

    Recently I inquired about the SE W810i prices in Pune. Couple of mobile shops indicated the price as 13.2 K including external speakers When I inquired in another shop, which is authorized SE mobile shop and sells only SE phones, they said 13.9 K for the same model. I wonder why would there...
  8. S

    Lite-On DVD Writer

    Hey Guys I wanna Purchase the Lite-on SHM-165H6S. I live in Hyderabad can some1 guide me to the authorized dealer in Hyderabad I mean address or contact no will do. Sam :)
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