1. Hrishi

    Twitter hacked, data of 250,000 users exposed.!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad news for twitter users. Source : TOI. TOI. I hope , FB isn't next target.
  2. T

    Beware of Obama virus in inbox

    PUNE: US president-elect Barack Obama, who was swept into the White House on a wave of popularity, has turned out to be even more popular with s pammers and virus attackers. Cybercriminals are seeking to capitalise on the results of the closely-watched historic election with mass malicious...
  3. A

    Gmail flaw allows attackers to steal messages

    September 26, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Accounts on Google Inc.'s Gmail can be easily hacked, allowing any past -- and future e-mail messages -- to be forwarded to the attacker's own in-box, a vulnerability researcher said yesterday...
  4. Kiran.dks

    UPDATE:Apple issues 13 security fixes

    Apple issues 13 security fixes Problems with CoreGraphics, Fetchmail, iChat and mDNSResponder Apple has issued security fixes for 13 components of its OS X operating system. A flaw in the OS X CoreGraphics component is the most serious, as it could allow an attacker to remotely execute...
  5. goobimama

    uTorrent “announce” URL Handling Buffer Overflow

    A potentially very dangerous vulnerability has been discovered in the latest version of popular BitTorrent client uTorrent. This could be exploited by attackers to take complete control of an affected system. This issue is due to a buffer overflow error when handling a “torrent” file containing...
  6. s18000rpm

    Adobe Reader Flaw -Uncovered by Researchers

    Security researchers have discovered a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting the widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader software that could make it easy for attackers to launch malicious code. The flaw, revealed by security researchers Stefano Di Paola and Giorgio Fedon last week at...
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