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  1. cute.bandar

    Why would someone require 5,00,000 gmail accounts

    These days I am trying to get some work on freelancer.com. and I came upon this project: Source Why on earth would someone require so many gmail accounts?
  2. L

    I Want To Remove....

    Can anyone please tell me how to remove this. I don't know what its called but i find it irritating as i had already ran my comp. for quite a long time without it please a.s.a.p. I don't know all i did was go to the customize tab and change one folder type to music. Please help me hide...
  3. L

    Microsoft Word 2007 Beta

    It tells me that the beta version has expired and i know its sort of un-necessary to even pop this question up but i wanted to know what do i do now? Is there any way that maybe i could change the serial key or update the beta to full? Need help a.s.a.p. i guess....
  4. S

    want an urdu writing software,plz help

    :( hey i need it plz help a.s.a.p
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