1. B

    need advise

    bought the proccy and monitor already. but having problem with mobo. GA h77 ds3h is not available but they have d3h which is mATX. should i wait for ds3h or get that one? Also is there ant topic or forum for guide here to assmeble pc from scratch? please link me to it. tried to search but...
  2. gameranand

    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion problem

    Guys I was just playing this game and it was working fine but now something has gone wrong and my character is walking dead slow I mean slower than an ant and don't sprint at all. No I am not in stealth mode. Please give solution if you know.
  3. C

    external hard drive 2.5" toshiba

    on usb connection this 2.5" external 320 Gb toshiba hdd is shown as not formatted. However there is apprrox 100 gb data on this. I have tried stellar gives message badly corrupted...and fails to start ant operation on it. Ease us delete file recovery does not shows this external...
  4. A

    Want to connect my Phone In Linux

    Hii, I want to connect my phone (Sony Ericcsson K510i) in Linux(not as a mass storage device) becoz i want to use it as a modem in Linux There isnt ant PC SUITE for linux. Please help me Its urgent
  5. M

    Read It to Believe It.... LOL

    1. A FOOLish man tells a woman to STOP talking, but a WISE man tells her that she looks extremely BEAUTIFUL when her LIPS are CLOSED. 2. One GOOD way to REDUCE Alcohol consumption : Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are SAD, After Marriage - Drink whenever you are HAPPY 3. Three...
  6. Vishal Gupta

    [RIP] Dead Ant Inside Tablet PC Screen...

    Hello everyone I have "Toshiba Tecra M4" tablet and recently an ant died inside its screen. Now I want to know whether its possible to clean the screen without going to service center or not? I don't want to experiment on it. If anyone have any idea about this tablet pc then pls tell me...
  7. RCuber

    Movie Catalog Software.

    Hey guys can you please suggest some Movie Catalog softwares. I tried Ant Movie Catalog but not satisfied with it. any recomendations?
  8. koolbluez

    Ants on the screen !

    Not my tutorial. Found it online when I researched for a query in this forum itself. Check this out... in Internet Explorer... Just RUN this: iexplore As you move your mouse around the page a swarming army of ants scattered about the window will chase after...
  9. T

    Help me in members area

    Is there ant website through which I can create members area from my website?
  10. D

    what is teh ifference btween DTS,Dolby digital,ac3 etc

    hi, iw ant to know the differnece btween DTSand dolby digital
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