1. go4saket

    Animated Wallpaper for Nokia 6630???

    Hi Guys! I want a animated wallpaper for my Nokia 6630. I have a few gif files which I want to set as wallpaper. The problem is that when I set it as wallpaper, it doesnt animate. How can I make it animate. Moreiver, how can I create or download screensavers for Nokia 6630. Chao.
  2. bharat_r

    a few problems in firefox

    I'm having a few problems in firefox. If I search the forums for firefox problem it gives many resuts in many pages. Sorry I don't have the patience to go through them all. __________________________________________________ Firefox 1.0.4 *does not display some images posted on...
  3. anandk

    animate your desktop !

    for those who dont know ... ( safer to start a new post this way, if you dont want to read 'old old old' or 'already knew about it !' as your first reply :lol: ) ... if you'd like to animate your desktop wallpaper, download this utility. Yanicsoft Flash Desktop visit...
  4. tuxfan

    Animated GIFs don't animate in Firefox

    I have firefox on Win98SE. The problem is that animated GIFs don't animate and are displayed as a stationery picture. I think the problem is because of some settings in ZoneAlarm (Pro), but couldn't find anything. Or is it some other problem?
  5. tuxfan

    Animated GIF in Firefox not working

    I use Firefox 1.0. The problem is that whenever I am online, the GIF files don't animate :( The same files animate when I open pages from HD. Any idea why this happens?
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