animate your desktop !

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for those who dont know ...

( safer to start a new post this way, if you dont want to read 'old old old' or 'already knew about it !' as your first reply :lol: )

... if you'd like to animate your desktop wallpaper, download this utility.

Yanicsoft Flash Desktop
visit *

their WinXP Manager (another utility) has some diffrent tweaks, like context menu editor, etc, which i did not see elsewhere.
Well I dont use any themes n extras to make colourful n good in windows Xp,And my computer is super fast
with the help of 1gb ram!!


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Well it's not of any use for a productive or gamer PC as it's eats up your valuable resources for just the pleasure of eyes.


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Yup I also stopped modding my desks due to slowdowns and stuff hence no more this stuff for me.
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