1. K

    Broadband Connection - Mumbai

    I am currently using MTNL in Mumbai and have become fedup due to their high pricing and low fups. Can you suggest any alternatives. I prefer to stay away from cable walas after my experience previously with Sify BB. Waiting for your inputs.
  2. mobilogist

    Raspberry Pi alternatives? (Made in India)

    Dear All, I recently come to know about raspberry pi 3 and really impressed by its size and configuration. One of my friend told me about arduino & beagle board etc. but i researched and found that raspberry pi has balance between features and price. Now, i am thinking to buy one, but i want...
  3. Flash

    Alternatives to WMP?

    What do you guys use for hearing songs in PC, apart from good'ol WMP?
  4. patkim

    Any alternative to Windows Built-in file/folder search?

    The built-in file/folder search in Windows 7 seems quite inconvenient to me! I feel search in XP was much better user friendly. Has anyone tried any third party alternatives? I would like to opt for one preferably freeware. Pl. suggest. Thx.
  5. M

    HP 3545E-Anything better in the same price range-Please suggest

    Hi, Was looking to get HP3545e, its around 6K.Is it good.Is there any better alternatives from canon/epson? Please advice
  6. D

    In Need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives?

    In need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives? Should I consider the Surface pro 3? Reliability, portability and performance are key. HP or Lenovo preferred. Windows Only! Thanks in advance!
  7. R

    Sony R402A...good??

    Hello, I want to buy a good LED TV under RS 30000.Found out the Sony R402A at rs29000/-.Is it good?? Or is there other better options. Please do give other better alternatives if there are.
  8. Cool Buddy

    IEM for ~3k

    I'm looking for IEMs in the range of Rs. 3000. I'll be using this one with my Xperia L and occasionally with my Laptop. I mostly listen to Rock and R&B and some Hindi music. So the mids are most important for me. I'm considering Sennheiser CX 300 II. Is it a good option? Please suggest good...
  9. ankurgel

    Headphone within 3-4k

    I am looking forward to buy a good over-the-ear headphone (no mic) within 3-4k. I have shortlisted Sennheiser HD 419(3.2k) and Sennheiser 439(4.1k) till now. Ruled out HD 429 because of it's 3.5m long cable. Are there other better alternatives within this range? The build quality of headphones...
  10. P

    Alternatives for Micromax Canvas 4?

    Hey Guys, My dad wants to buy a phone, preferably Android. His budget goes till 16-17k. He liked his colleague's Canvas 2 and is thinking to buy the new Canvas 4. Now i doubt, whether he should spend this much money for such brand like Micromax, ignoring all those heavy brands like SONY or HTC...
  11. ithehappy

    Tor Browser alternatives with Download Accelerator support?

    As the title says, is there any? I use IDM, and added the tor.exe (start tor browser.exe) but still it isn't supporting IDM to grab files within Tor. So is there any method or any alternatives of Tor which will support IDM? Thanks in advance.
  12. Tribalgeek

    raspberry pi or alternatives.

    found better alternatives for raspberry pi. do suggest what to buy. budget 4k max. 1)Raspberry Pi Ebay 2)FXI Cotton Candy 3)MK 802 Mini PC I am perticularly interested in MK 802. Please Suggest.
  13. bajaj151

    Backlit Keyboard

    1) Please suggest BACKLIT gaming keyboard under 4k 2) Also suggest BACKLIT Non Gaming keyboard (cheapest possible) 3) What are the different alternatives do I have for light on keyboard ?
  14. R

    Trackpad for Windows 8

    I'm planning to buy a trackpad for my Windows 8 desktop(as soon as MS fix the order process issue). So my query is what all alternatives to Apple's Magic Trackpad do we have for Windows scene under Rs.4,000/-. There's one from Logitech T650 but it cost around 5k and is unavailable in India(...
  15. A

    Canon EOS 1100D. Any Alternatives?

    Should i go for 1100D? or i should consider other alternatives in the same budget
  16. R

    Alternatives for WMP

    Can anyone tell me some freeware alternatives for Windows Media Player. I know of winamp but are there any others.
  17. R

    PSU For MSI HAWK 6870

    Ok , im planning to go for Corsair GS 600 for my above mentioned graphic card. So is it good or any other better alternatives at price range of 4k max!
  18. maddy1205

    Wireless Speakers

    my friend wants to buy a pair of wireless speakers.....budget 4-5k i suggested him Creative T12 Wireless(i don't know the price)....are there any other alternatives????????
  19. pritamk

    intel mobo

    hey guys i m going to buy i5 2500 k procy and planning on buying mobo intel DP67BG i wanted to know available alternatives for this mobo with same performance and same budget as intel DP67BG plz help
  20. A

    Without Google

    Hey, I am new to this place. So thank you everyone for having me. As a part of a research for an article, I was wondering how would life be without Google, it's products and other third party services it has collaborated with. I personally love the whole online integration Google offers to...
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