1. G

    Aviation forums - please tell me about them?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some aviation forums(Indian) where I can ask questions about Airport rules and regulations and also can know what is legal and what is illegal in the Airport? and also near the planes? Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  2. windchimes

    Any good eating joint near Mumbai Airport?

    This forum has always been a savior and I am sure this one would be a test in its own regard and I hope it won't disappoint :) One of my school friend is landing from abroad to Mumbai in the eve with a connection flight of his after 5-6 hrs from Domestic Airport. Want to meet him and talk...
  3. webgenius

    1 day trip suggestion in Mumbai

    Hello guys, I'll be in Mumbai International airport on a weekday. I might finish customs n stuff & be out by 9:30 AM. I'm travelling light and so don't have heavy luggage. I need to catch another domestic flight at 9 PM the same day. Please suggest some places to visit within this time. Do...
  4. HellFragger

    Customs clearancee for iPad.

    My friend is bringing me the new iPad from Singapore. but he's not sure as to how to save it from greedy Custom officers at Mumbai Airport. Any tips, advice or help in this regard would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance.:wink:
  5. D

    Apple Airport Express - any users..

    Any users of Airport express here on forum. AirPort Express - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am giving thought of buying this only due to its digial to audio converter output. I can play music thru laptop keeping it anywhere and that will be picked up by HT system. Any first hand...
  6. N

    Suicide attack kills six at Afghanistan airport: Police

    A suicide attack killed at least six people on Thursday at Kandahar international airport in southern Afghanistan, one of the deadliest flashpoints in a 10-year war, police said. "Six civilians were killed in a suicide attack close to the gates of Kanadahar airport today," said Kandahar...
  7. NucleusKore

    Nepal bans airline staff pockets

    Source: Staff at Nepal's main international airport are to be issued with trousers without pockets, in an attempt to wipe out rampant bribe-taking. The country's anti-corruption body said there had been growing complaints about staff at...
  8. esumitkumar

    RJD leader assaults Airlines manager in Patna

    Union Minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal MP, Akhilesh Prasad Singh allegedly beat up the station manager of Kingfisher Airlines at Patna Airport on Monday after he was not allowed to board Patna-Kolkata flight as he reported late at the airport. A Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson, in a...
  9. shift

    What happened @ Bangalore Airport

    Airport Security : What’s your Name? Passenger : Batman Airport Security : Your real name please? Passenger : My name is Bat-Man Airport Security : Are you trying to be funny? What is your family name...
  10. aryayush

    An evening with the glitterati.

    Hello! :) When I was in New Delhi, I went to the airport alone to receive someone. Since I didn't know where the toilet was, I was wandering around cluelessly in a somewhat secluded area outside the airport looking for one. Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder from behind and said, "excuse me"...
  11. bharathbala2003

    can u suggest the approx fare?

    hey guys.. i have been to bombay quite a few times.. but i moslty travel from the airport to borivilli station.. otherwise in prepaid taxi's.. my parents moved in from surat to mumbai last month.. n i want to make a surprise visit.. i want to know how much will the auto fare be.. to get to...
  12. T

    laptop check in at airport

    hi friends, dunno where to put it so asking here. i will be traveling with my laptop soon. What is the check in required at the airport? can it be passed through X-Rays et al? TIA
  13. aryayush

    Knives OK on planes; soft drinks still a terrorist threat

    The Derby Telegraph in Derbyshire, England, reports that a man got a 7-inch knife past the security checkpoint at Birmingham Airport, while his daughter’s soda was confiscated. The man, Nick White, says he’s a construction worker and he forgot he had the knife in his pocket when he and his...
  14. ancientrites

    chatrapathy shivaji international airport

    all of you heard it rite.To be honest this airport sucks and above all look at those custom officers waiting like hunters when the prey is coming nearer. Now my question is,is it necessasary that we should have custom officers at (arrival terminal)international airport.i feel pity most of us...
  15. joey_182

    Airport Arrives-DELHI AIRPORT

  16. M


    I'm planning on buying an airport express for streaming music and to use with my printer. The thing im not sure about is, whether the airport express can use a multi-function-device, meaning the the scanner and the fax part of the printer. I know that i can print over the wireless, but can i...
  17. K

    Eye Opener: FS2004

    Hye! The flight simulator series mostly dominated by Europeans and Americans, is slowly gaining popularity in India and many Indians have contributed to its development and design creating some truly world-class add-ons. Take for example "MyTraffic", conceived by an Indian named Husain...
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