1. Yoda

    Suggestion needed for AIO PC (Gaming)

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an All In One PC for casual gaming. - Intel 6th Gen Core i5 - 1 TB HDD - Discrete Graphics Card - 21 Inch LCD Monitor - 8 GB RAM Budget: 40K to 50K (max.) AIO PC looks compact and can save lots of space on a desk or getting an assembled PC a better...
  2. dhan_shh

    Is it worth going for HP AIO desktop 23 q142in?

    HP Pavilion All-in-One - 23-q142in Intel Core i7-6700T Processor Windows 10 16GB DDR3 RAM / 2TB HDD 3 Years AiO Warranty Priced at 97K,not available in Chennai at present! Is it worth going for this spec? Will there be any issue of heating with i7 6700T? Anyone using...
  3. K

    AIO printer suggestions needed for 9k

    Hi, I am gonna buy a aio printer,my monthly usage will be 100-150 pages black and white,i was using a Samsung scx-4300, Budget:9k I am confused between inkjet and Laser,please help me out
  4. S

    Suggest a AIO Printer within 8k

    Recently, my Officejet 4255 conked off after 9 years (Serviced just once) and I am looking for a new Inkjet AIO. Please suggest me a good printer. I will be printing around 5-10 Black pages everyday and approximately 1 colour page per week. Main concern for me is Printing Costs. I am inclined...
  5. Samarth 619

    All in one Review: Canon MP287's accessory: ESYINK Ink Tank System.

    Review: Canon MP287's accessory: ESYINK Ink Tank System. Hey guys, this is Samarth. I'm a Teacher in Rajasthan, India. I've seen this forum for long and although couldn't post much. Anyways, I wish to write my review of Canon MP287 alongwith its one very useful attachment: The ESYINK Ink tank...
  6. S

    Need a All in one printer!!!

    I'm in need of a AIO I'l be using it mostly for printing black and white documents and occasional scanning and colour printing I need less maintenance costs and LOW printing costs.....also easy and cheap refilling or cartridge replacements.....I'l b printing a LOT(Mostly black)...
  7. D

    A Worthy AIO Printer?

    A Worthy AIO Printer upto 4.5K ? None to reply!!! Hello, I need to buy an AIO printer with "Print, Scan and Copy only" NO FAX or wireless printing required 1: The printer is meant for Home Use only. 2: It also must have the economical or even cheap ink cartiage both B/W and Coloured...
  8. Nerevarine

    cheap DVD Printer

    I need a printer capable of CD/DVD Printing, under Rs5K..I already have a HP F4100, i dont need another AIO.. Plz suggest
  9. S

    Choosing a multifunction printer

    Hi, I am planning to buy a multifunction printer within budget of Rs. 9,000/= Shortlisted ones are 1. HP Photosmart All-in-One(AIO) C4588 2. HP Photosmart AIO C4788 3. HP Photosmart Plus AIO B209A Please suggest which one to buy among the abovementioned printers. Suggestion about other...
  10. Dark Star

    Motherboard and Processor Sugestion for Linux

    Hi I have planned to upgrade my System.. I am planning to change my curren P4 with AMD X3 8450/8650 AMD 780 G based motherboard... [MSI or Gigabyte preferably] Other components will be 2gib ram ddr2800 mhz, 500gb hard disk and other other essentials.. Also please tell me are Canon...
  11. jiteshbhimani

    Which All in One FROM :Canon Pixma MP 150/HP Deskjet F380 AIO/HP Officejet 4355 AIO

    Hi Friends, Which among the above three will you suggest considering the COST per PAGE? And is it advisable to go for AIO? Please give your suggestions. I am home user only. If any one of you is using any product from above three please give your feedback. And please tell any other good...
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