1. R

    scecli error code 1202

    How to fix scecli error event 1202?Its bomberding the application log in my win2k server and affecting the whole network.Plz help.Is it coming from a client machine?
  2. S

    kubuntu removal,help.....

    hai, I have installed kubuntu 6.10 on my system. I want to how i can remove it without affecting my windows boot . Can anybody please help me:)
  3. abhishek.bandodkar

    How to uninstall hot coffee patch from GTA San Andreas?

    I had installed hot coffeee patch but now I want to remove it without affecting the game files or the game.Please help
  4. H


    Hi, My HDD having three partiton namley "c,d,e". I have insatlled the XP(C drive), 2000 server (D drive) & Me in (E drive). Whenever I boot my system, get the choice menu to boot the desired OS. My problem is that win2k server has been infected by spyware / viruses & I want to re-install...
  5. R

    Formatting OS

    Friends, I have installed two operating systems in two different partioned drives. I need to uninstall the operating system that is next to my logical operating system. How would I do that without affecting my main operating system. The formatting should be such that during start up the...
  6. V

    system security

    i want security for my system. i was using mcafee antivirus till now but i think we need internet security these days rather than simple plain antivirus. then i installed avast + comodo firewall. but it gr8ly reduced my dwnl speeds. so i want my system to b secure but not affecting my dwnld...
  7. S

    Windows Xp

    Hi, Can any one tell me how to delete user accounts without affecting any data in win xp sp 2 ashok
  8. V

    Removing Windows 98

    I have Windows 98 & XP installed on my computer.Now I want to remove Windows 98 from my computer.Can you tell me the exact procedure of removing it without affecting Windows XP?
  9. kl_ravi

    How to block *.SWF Graphic ADS from loading in web browsers.

    Hi, Is there a method to block Swf (flash) files from opening in Internet Explorer, without affecting the normal functioning of the browser. Kindly let me know the software and a link where to download it from.
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