1. bajaj151

    Alternative to healthkart

    I always buy whey from Nowadays price is bit high on healthkart, therefore I am planning to buy from Paradise Nutrition Inc.- Online Ultimate Nutrition Store (Only retailer in India AFAIK) Has anyone dealt with them?
  2. A

    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
  3. max_demon

    One guy on 'GamingIndians' seeks donations for his mom's cancer treatment

    I have Came Across This thread : * * One guy, who goes by the nick ~Sc0rp!0GuY~ in GamingIndians forums, seeks donations for his...
  4. raksrules

    The Dark Knight in IMAX ??????

    Guys see this... Its on Page 6 of today's Bombay Times.... AFAIK...the Wadala IMAX was brought down some time back... :confused: What IMAX are they referring to ??? :confused:
  5. iMav

    ram sizes

    my father told me tht the rams in 2 of the office pcs was showing wierd nos. ... i disagreed and he has brought me a the sizes wriiten on the paper as: 1. 240 MB 2. 228,848 KB ... afaik .... it shud be 256 or 512 or multiple of 8 :confused:
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