1. Akira

    Not able to login to IRCTC through Firefox??

    On the main page, the correct combination of id and password(and the captcha) gives me wrong credentials page. On the separate login page(services.irctc), it gives me 'The id/password is wrong' page. Login's working fine on Opera and Chrome. Any Ideas why? P.S : I was thinking...
  2. R

    Chrome Browser +Gmail checker(FF) alternate sugg.

    For Firefox browser i am using gmail checker addon to notify mails when i browsing Gmail checker allow multiple gmail accounts notification , I am looking for similar Addon for Google chrome browser , when i chked chromes addon page there r many but MOST SUPPORT only single...
  3. reddead

    need help

    [problem solved] need help i downloaded the firefox 4.0 beta 11.....and installed some addons like lastpass,idm etc......... and having some problems with scrolling,its not at all smooth what might be the reason.....bugs or a addon
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    virtual box addon problem

    i recently installed sabayon 5 on a virtual box on win xp. the addon provided by the sun virtual box has no effect. no mouse integration or fullscreen. the script is working fine with no error logs. pl. suggest the version to get it properly working. my screen res is 1600 X 900 but the...
  5. ax3

    Twitter addon 4 Firefox ! ! !

    any 1 using twitter addon 4 firefox ... i have tried powertwitter bt u need 2 visit twitter 2 use it ... any other 4 which u dont have 2 visit twitter homepage ???
  6. jerin3013

    How do I add new user in cpanel?

    How do I add new user in cpanel? Im having someone work on my existingcpanel. They need to have access to cpanel.(for their addon domain) Can I create their own? And if I create a new user how do I do that in cpanel? :(:(:(
  7. T

    Addons for Firefox3 and Chrome...

    I have been using Firfox 3 and Chrome. I noticed that when I upgraded to Firefox 3 from FF2 it removed the tab and for not having the appropriate addon for that version. How can i use it now? For Chrome I would like it use FDM as the default DM. How can i do that? Plz help...
  8. sganesh

    firefox3 addon doesn't get installed!!!

    Hi, i am using Firefox3.when i about to install addons like NoScript,AdBlockerplus,Greasemonkey.It shows following error. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firefox could not install the file at...
  9. digitalage

    addon to firefox!!!do this exist

    hi i use mozilla firefox .... i am impressed by it ..but there is a feature in opera which i miss a lot. i.e. showing speed of my coonection in real time in status bar.... can get such type of addon in fire fox ... and from where? can anyone plz send me the link!!!:!:
  10. R

    Internet Explorer 7 Crashes on starting a download

    guyz IE7 crashes whenever i start a new download... me using Vista Ultimate. I tried to reset IE but it didn't work... i also tried running no addon mode.. it didn't help too... plz help me... i do not want to use some download manager to download small files...plz HELP!!!!
  11. cooldudie3

    What is the best browser?

    my browser loads pages sooo slow! don't know wat to do Hey guys, my browser netscape 8.1 loads web pages as slow as ie6. Which browser should i switch to? or is there any addon for it to go faster?
  12. BBThumbHealer

    Flip 3D For Vista

    a friend of mine has installed vista on his Pc but his Pc is deprived of a graphics card... so is there any 3rd party addon like topdesk to experience the Flip 3D effect in Vista too ? thnx BlackBerry7100g
  13. rakeshishere

    µTorrent Query?

    How to Get "Update Tracker" Option when µtorrent is minimized in the SYSTEM TRAY?I Get deafult options shown in µtorrent but want this extra option...So is it possible with any extra addon or softie?..see the scrnshot on my query
  14. koolbluez

    BitFox - Firefox+Bittorrent

    A BitTorrent Firefox Plugin! The aim of this plugin is to make downloading torrents as easy as possible, by making it as simple as downloading a file over a HTTP or FTP connection. This plugin is cross platform, but is only tested under Linux and Windows. And guess what.. there is a...
  15. DukeNukem

    USB 2.0 on i815 board

    Hi there guys (its monday again) i use a external hdd for backup purpose. but data transfer is really really really, i mean really really dead slow. As my current usb is not 2.0. My question is Can i enjoy the true speed of usb 2.0 on my board if i add a usb addon card on my board. if yes how...
  16. alsiladka

    IE7Pro 0.9.9 : A Must have addon for IE7

    IE7Pro 0.9.10 : A Must have addon for IE7 Guys, I had been planning to tell you all about this addon from quite a few days, but was waiting for a new release to inform everyone about this excellent addon for IE7. What is IE7Pro : It add a huge set of features to IE7 and makes browsing a far...
  17. ax3

    FireFox 2 USERS ! ! !

    i am using FF1.5 bt since digit has given FireFox 2 .... wanna try it ....... ppl using FireFox 2 do face any problems regarding memory & compatibility with extensions ? & is it TRUE, FireFox 2 has new addon which can accept or adjust previous extensions ? (this thing was mention on...
  18. V

    Addon CDs for available for ubuntu?

    Are there any addon Application Cds available which are developed by communities?
  19. V

    Plz help me on these problems

    Plz help me on these problems: i) How can I upload new avatars on my forums ii) How can I select users as a moderator without any addon software.
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