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  1. truegenius

    [For Sale] AMD phenom 1090t and gigabyte ga880gm-d2h (rev3.1) combo for Rs10k

    (thread closed) AMD phenom 1090t and gigabyte ga880gm-d2h (rev3.1) combo for Rs10k not selling anymore, thread closed
  2. doomgiver

    motherboard chipsets? wtf is that?

    Z68 P67 H67 ^^ what does it all mean? are there more versions? H68? P68? Z67? 1155, 2011, 775, 1366?? which sockets work on which? amd is even more confusing : 990FX 890FX 890GX 880G 740/780G any help pls? just some basic differences across vendors and platforms, thanks!!
  3. guru_urug

    Bulldozer doubt!

    My friend wants to upgrade processor,motherboard and ram since his mobo and cpu went kaput. I want to make sure he gets a future proof system so want a 880g chipset mobo. His current needs are just net surfing,movies,songs, office apps. So the CPU can be something just decent like a athlon x3...
  4. utkarsh009

    mobo and unlocking the cores and raid 0

    hi! at last i have finalized my config. and going to upgrade my pc after exams (mid. march). sadly, in ranchi availability of amd based motherboards is very poor. there was only one shop which told that they can provide 880g motherboards. 785 was available at many places. i wanted to know...
  5. nbaztec

    22" 1080p Monitor Under 9K

    I've looked around & found: BenQ E2220HD which is available on SMC for Rs. 8800/- A review here states that it's color quality is not that good. Upon hearing color quality the Samsung B2230 comes to mind, available at SMC for 8.2k, but sadly misses a HDMI port. So can you guys help &...
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