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  1. reniarahim1

    Mercury 845Gl Ndsmx display driver issues

    I am facing the following issues in my mercury 845GL NDSMX mother board, 1. Its not showing the resolution of 1400x900 in windows xp even though it is showing resolutions above that.i installed my monitor driver cd also but it also solve the problem. 2.I am unable to get the display drivers...
  2. M

    mercury 845gl chipset

    Hi friends, I use intel p4 2.0ghz with 256mb sd@ 133mhz ram. My motherboard is mercury 845gl ndsmx. I have lost my motherboard manual can anyone provide a link for the manual. Or can i update my ram to 1024mb ddr @ 333/400mhz. thank you
  3. the.kaushik

    help me out! graphics card, which to use

    i have motherboard mercury 845gl. can any one say which graphic card can i put on it???
  4. bkpeerless

    Softwade aiding vga card

    Is there any software that will help my internal video card to support h & l, prixel sader etc. my motheboard is 845gl with no grafic slot.
  5. jiteshbhimani

    Will Mercury 845GL motherboard support 512MB DDR RAM AT 333/400 MHZ

    Hi friends, I got P-4, 845GL NDSMx mercury motherboard (It has both the slots for SD as well as DDR). At present i have 128 MB SD RAM at 133 MHZ. Now, i want to upgrade my RAM to 512 DDR but the problem is that in market the 512 DDR RAM is available but its frequency is 333 or 400 MHz whereas...
  6. J

    Replacing my 845GL Motherboard

    Hi all, I purchased a 845GL.....of hell poor quality :cry: :cry: around 3-4 year back. Though its for P4...but is using a P3 RAM 133Mhz SDRAM!!! Recently...128MB RAM got corrupted....as these RAM are real costly and about to obsolete, I'm planning to change the whole motherboard itself. I've...
  7. S

    old cpu and new motherboard

    Hai Intel p4 1.7 GHZ (Socket 478) Intel 845GL chipset on a mercury Motherboard Above r my system configuration. I am having some problem with my motherboard so i decided to get a new Intel motherboard. As Intel 845GL and GVSR mob r not found in the market i am thinking to go for a...
  8. O

    flashing queries

    how can u flash the BIOS .I have Award BIOS,Microtek 845GL chipset
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