1. nac

    8-pin PSU in 4-pin motherboard

    I guess I am good to go with this 8 (4+4)-pin ATX12V, EPS connector (Antec VP450P) and connect it in my motherboard (Asus P5G MX) which has only 4-pin. There is no manual with this PSU, they just supplied a leaflet which contains general info of the product. And they don't have any detailed...
  2. S

    Motherboard 8-PIN EPS power connector burned

    Hi, I was build a computer configuration combined with Asrock 990FX Motherboard with AMD FX8530 processor. Even though this motherboard was having 8-pin EPS power connector, I was connecting the SMPS of 4-pin EPS cable, which I was using for earlier PC. 3 month later, I noticed that my PC...
  3. comp@ddict

    ATi Partners going ahead with Radeon HD4890X2

    In shocking news and in opposition to what most are reporting it looks like at least one ATi partner will be going ahead with a Radeon HD4890X2. The HD4890, which launched on the 2nd is giving the GTX 285 a good run for its money. ATi and their partners must feel that an X2 version of this...
  4. assasin

    4-pin ATX to 8-pin EATX connector

    my mobo Asus P5B Dlx has the newer 8-pin EATX connector but my new psu CoolerMaster Extreme Power Duo 650W has the old 4-pin ATX connector.so i made a 4-pin ATX to 8-pin EATX connector fro myself.i've seen pics of 4-pin molex to 8-pin EATX connector on the net but i havent seen any pics of 4-pin...
  5. Red_Baron

    How to get a 6-pin connection from 8-pin connector of PSU

    Hi, I recently got myself a XFX Geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB XXX Edition from US. Now it says that it requires a 6-pin power connection. However, my VIP power suppy unit does not have a 8-pin connector. It however has an eight pin connector. Now how can I get my graphics card to get a 6-pin power...
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