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  1. M

    17" samsung crt SyncMaster 793s for sale

    I'm selling my samsung crt bought it from CWI Lamington Model: SyncMaster 793S I am using it frm almost 2 years but this works like a charm. No scratches no spots nothing it looks brand new I will give you the bill Will post the pics by tommorow Interested members can reply via PM Please...
  2. ajex

    Brand New BIG 7600GS (factory overclocked) + 17"samsung 793s

    CARD SOLD 17" Samsung 793s for 2800/- i hav an original box...2 years warranty and bill LOCATION: NEW DELHI
  3. blackleopard92

    19" monitor, any suggestions?

    I am currently on a 15" monitor, and looking for an upgrade. now, for 17", i know syncmaster 793s is the best. wanted options for 19".CRT's only.i am on a budget.
  4. P

    17" CRT

    I work as a 3d modeller in 3ds max. I'm looking for a 17" CRT monitor. Which is good one..?? 1.Samsung 793s 2.Samsung 793DF/MB 3.ViewSonic E70 4.ViewSonic E72f+SB Any other model...?? How's LG Flatron....??
  5. S

    Best 17 inch CRT Monitor,

    Hi ti all, This is confusion regarding 17 inch CRT Monitor.In Digit 'A List' Best is Acer AC715 but you all tell about Samsung 793S or MB.Please tell whichone is better................. Thanks in advance Sukanta
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