1. Gowt1ham

    XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3 & AmD Dual core 2.0 Ghz

    Cheapest Offer! XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3 2300Rs XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3- 2.3kbeats 8600gt and 9500gt all editins with ease Working perfectly Reason for sale-HD 4770/GTS250/GTX 260 or similar Pics on the way Selling X2 3800+ proccy Socket 939 @ 1250Rs + shipping I am selling it less than...
  2. guest

    FS: Nvidia XFX GeForce 7800GTX 512MB

    Well i have a XFX GeForce 7800GTX 512MB Card. Planning to sell both. Reason for sale: Upgrade Time Specifications GPU : G70 Memory : 512 MB GDDR3 Core Clock : 550Mhz Reference Memory Clock : 850Mhz Price : Rs 5000/- + Shipping I cant find the bil or anything, but the card works good...
  3. S

    8600GT or 7800GTX !!!!

    I will be buying a graphics card within a week.My budget is max 5k for the card.I was thinking about buying the 8600 GT because it is DirectX 10 and comes within my budget.But I heard that this is just an entry-level card and does not play games too well.Meanwhile a friend of mine has offered me...
  4. A

    Used 7800GTX for sale

    Hey guys My friends wants to sell Inno3d 7800GTX PCIE card If u are in Delhi/Mumbai/Hyderabad he can give it persoanlly If elsewhere then u have to pay shipping Its 7 moths old He wants to sell it for Rs 15500
  5. H


    Is it me, or has ATI been owned this time round in the GPU wars? Shortly after ATI announcing the X1800XT Nvidia have countered...the 7800GTX 512 MB or also known as 7800GTX ultra.. Can't wait to see the reviews on this card, not because i'm an Nvidiot, but because it clocks faster than the...
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