1. U

    Dell inspiron 3537 8850m vs Lenovo ideapad z510 740m

    Both are available with a discount of 3000.
  2. S

    Lappy help!! Anyone

    I decided to purchase a laptop but i am in dilemma between HP D103tx and HP n204tx asa the latter has good processor with higher clock speed and the 204t has old but powerful 740m gpu. So, i need an expert advice on what to choose and why considering every point. Reply ASAP...
  3. seamon

    The new top digit top laptops are out and Lenovo has been underated.

    Most powerful Windows 8 laptops to buy in India - Laptops | Laptop | Notebooks Reviews | ThinkDigit Features How did HP one beat the Y510p in benchmarks when Y510p has a much better GPU? How come it is the best under 1 lakh just because it has a touchscreen? How is GT 740m with DDR3 memory...
  4. G

    need help buying a laptop.

    Guys I m going my first laptop and I have shortlisted 2 laptops lenovo z500 with i5 3230m, NVIDIA 740m 2gb, 6gb ram and 720p display. The other one has i7 4th gen, same 740m 2gb card and 1080p display. I want to know which would be better for playing games. Will the display be an issue for the...
  5. T

    Lenovo Z500 with GT 740M review

    Lenovo Z500 59-380463 review PART I -------------------------------------------------------------------5th July, 2013 Prologue ~~~~~ My search for a laptop began around 5 to 6 months back. I was in no hurry bcz my desktop was still going strong (P4) and there were enough laptops in my hostel...
  6. T

    The Lenovo Z500 with GT 740m thread

    Hello guys. Lenovo has updated their Z500 laptops with the all new GT 740m GPU. here is the base config of the Z500... 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5-3230M Windows 8 64 bit 4GB / 6GB DDR3 RAM 15.6" backlit LED HD display (16:9 widescreen) (1366x768) (220 NIT) 1TB 5400rpm HDD nVidia GT 740m GPU...
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