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  1. K

    Salvaging pc

    Hi, My pc was submerged in the flood water for about two days,I have salvaged the Motherboard,Processor,Ram,Psu and all of them were working,and is it safe to use my psu or buy a new one and also i have 2 numeric ups 600Va and 1000Va are they salvageable,my pc is only three month old:-(
  2. X

    Need Smart UPS

    Hey guys, I need a smart ups , a ups which i can connect to my PC via usb for auto shutdown when battery low. Preferring cheap 600VA UPS , any brand. Will buy online/locally which ever cheaper
  3. S

    Just got new pc ,need help in setting it up

    Hi everyone I have just got a new pc with the configuration i7 4770 asrock z87 extreme3 corsair gs700w seagate 2 tb zotac gtx760 2gb corsair vengeance (2x4gb) 1600mhz,9-9-9-24 lg dvd writer dlink pci wireless card cooler master haf912 I am ready to install windows and drivers but...
  4. A

    Is 600 va enough ?

    cpu- AMD FX 8350 Eight core 4ghz ram- 8gb vengence os- 64bit win 7 smps- corsair 450 graphics- Radeon HD 7750 1gb oc Please suggest if a 600 va UPS is good enough ? options: APC Back-UPS BR600CI IN 600VA UPS NEW APC Back-UPS,360 Watts /600 VA,Input 230V /Output 230V In India - Shopclues Online
  5. C

    Low Backup on APC 600VA UPS???

    My APC 600VA UPS is only giving a backup of 30 seconds even when I maintained it well & discharged it from time to time. It is just 3 months old. Should I take it to service center or to the shop from where I bought it? My iball nirantar UPS gave me trouble so I switched to APC, but no good...
  6. N

    UPS problem?

    Hello friends After a lots of advice and discussion in this forum, I finally got my PC, thanks to you all. Now when I was watching a video, the current went off and the PC restarted. What seems to be the problem? Does my old UPS(3 years) is not providing enough power for back...
  7. G

    Question about APC 600VA UPS

    my recently burnt corsair cx430 v2 was replaced with more recent model of cx 430 (384 Watts, 32 A on +12v etc...) under warranty and today i bought APC 600VA ups.... so can I use APC 600 VA with this new PSU safely? how long should i charge the UPS before first use?
  8. nac

    Suggestion needed for UPS/Inverter battery

    We have 600VA digital home UPS with 50AH tubular battery. Now looking for higher rated (150AH) battery. I have asked for quotation (ranging from 12k to 17.5k - non-tubular and tubular) from several brand distributors now I am little confused with which one I should pick up... Amaron Microtek...
  9. R

    Suggest a UPS

    Please suggest me a UPS, My 8 year old local made 600VA UPS is unable to load my PC it sometimes sparks and make sound, but this old UPS runs smoothly on my old Pentium 4 PC. why this UPS can`t running on AMD config. My PC config: AMD Phenom II 960T ASUS M5A88-M Corsair Value Ram WD 500...
  10. a_k_s_h_a_y

    UPS about 600 VA

    hey guys recommend a good UPS with about 600VA rating..! budget is < 4k
  11. R

    Problem with 600va UPS

    Hey , I have problem with my 600va ICE UPS. Today an heavy sparks came on that , when I switched ON the UPS. I have switched ON the UPS again after half an hour . Then , It works . But , I did not ON the PSU . My questions are 1.what causing this sparks in my UPS...? 2.Is it safe to...
  12. M

    600VA UPS(Proview 600) problem

    i have a 600VA UPS(Proview 600) ups (whatever you call it). it makes huge noise when it starts... is there anyway how to stop that???? and at the time of powercuts, it keeps shouting every second..(yes every second) what to do? is there any way to fck the speaker off??
  13. N

    Comment on the config

    I have decided to buy a pc based on the following configuration for moderate gaming and for other entertainment purposes.Please comment on the configuration. CPU:AMD Athlon II 640 MB:MSI 880gma-e45 GPU:A 5750 based gpu(prefered brands are asus,sapphire,msi) RAM:2GB 1333MHz from Corsair or...
  14. N

    AM3 mobo with USB3.0

    Can you please tell me a good AM3 motherboard which has USB3.0 ports within Rs.6000.Also tell me the cost of UPS Numeric 600va
  15. channabasanna

    UPS is not a UPS

    Hi All, I have a Wipro UPS 600VA (donno exactly it is 600VA or 500VA), brought in December 2002. Last Year i had changed its Battery (EXIDE Battery) as i was not getting any backup. Now whenever power goes off, the UPS switches off immediately :mad:. Is it a problem with the Battery, or any...
  16. S

    Mouse and UPS suggestions!

    I need a new mouse, not cordless, PS/2 or USB will do! Max budget: 450 Also i need a new UPS, present 600VA doesnt provide back up for a m,ilisec and just goes of if there's a power cut... so i need an UPS with Power rating greater than 600VA... (I have a PC 350w SMPS, 17" CRT and DSL modem...
  17. F

    ups battery gone, how much does 600va battery cost?

    ups battery gone, how much does 600va battery cost? is it wise to replace battery or buy a new ups? does the new battery ve any guarantee?
  18. A

    Powersafe or APC?

    Which brand UPS would be a better choice to buy? the Powersafe 600VA or the APC 600VA? n is it true that the Powersafe gives a backup of 25~30 mins with a CRT monitor? which one should i go for? thanx
  19. PainKiller

    Review my rig plzzzz

    hi all, didnt have anything to do this sunday, so thought about getting a new pc. here is my shortlisted candidate. have a look and suggest me if anything is wrong. i will use this pc for programming/gaming/entertainment...basically everything :) amd athlon 64 x2 3800+ asus m2n-e sli mobo...
  20. hafees

    Help me to buy an UPS

    Hi! please suggeste me a good UPS with prices (600VA or more)
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