1. Harshverma

    What cabinet for 12.1 inch (30.8cm) GPU in 5.5k

    hey I am planning for a new pc , what cabinet should i buy for enough space for Sapphire 270X Toxic Edition with Tri Cooler , length 12.1 inch or 30.8 cm within 5k (max stretch 5.5k), i will most probably Crossfire after a year.
  2. somebodysme

    Need monitor max budget 5.5k

    Hi, This time my friend is looking for a monitor, he will be using it for programming work, movies and all. Max budget is 5.5k. How about this Benq 20 inch G2025HDA LCD Monitor @ 5.3k Thanks in advance
  3. Rockstar11

    Should i buy Asha 311??

    Nokia Asha 311 Rs.5,678 from homeshop18. My budget is strictly 5.5k any other option in this range?
  4. B

    Suggestion needed for buying processor

    Hi! i have amd x2 260 3.2ghz ..gigabyte ga78lmt-s2p mobo. . i was thinking of selling my current processor to a friend(only 5 months old Processor).. and buy a new amd processor within 5.5k. . purpose gaming. . i was thinking of athlon x4 635 @4k Or phenom x4 @5.5k ..but in the...
  5. G

    amd mobo and RAM for 5.5k

    so i was thinking of getting an am3 or am3+ mobo and 4gb ddr3 RAM. can anyone suggest me both which might fit in my budget of 5.5k. i prefer a mobo which is OC friendly. Thankyou ppl, Sam
  6. S

    am3+ mobo under 5.5k

    hi friends please suggest me gigabyte am3+ mobo under 5.5k it should be based on 880+850 chipsets and i need usb3 and sata3
  7. A

    SB mobo Under 5.5k

    Hey everyone! Me hitting again:C_moneymouth: Well can anyone suggest a good Motherboard to go with i5 2500k? My budget is 5.5k at the max! :-)
  8. M

    Suggest Digital Camera for budget of 5.5K to 6.5K

    Dear All, Please suggest me a Digital Camera within range 5.5K to 6.5K. ;-)My usage will be family photographing & sometimes while traveling.:wink: My preferable brands are SONY,CANON & NIKON.:-P Please also mentioned about their service facilities. I don't want mu CAM to fail after 1 yr...
  9. K

    Best mobile under 5.5k...

    My budget is 5.5k.. pls tell me a good phone, Nokia or Samsung only.. I dont need 3G.. a phone only for Messaging and Calling.. MP3 player, FM, Expandable Memory and a very good camera.. which one is better?? pls recommend a good camera phone..
  10. B

    graphics card within 5.5k

    I want to buy a graphics card within 5.5k. Which card i should buy?
  11. saqib_khan

    GPU under 5.5k

    Hi Guys, Created a new thread after a long time. My friend wanna purchase a GPU under 5.5k. Budget is strictly under 5.5 k but can increase 0.5 k if required. So I suggested him 9800 GT. So any suggestions ?
  12. M

    Hell Load of Stuff!! take a peak

    Here is what i have to sell, all prices are fixed and non-negotiable, shipping is extra, and pm me if you want to buy anything Sony PSP (with accessories) -5.5k Cheers! MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information accordingly...
  13. stonecaper

    [Urgent]Best Music Phone under 5.5K

    hi can u please Help me choosing the best music phone under 5.5k. i am From Kolkata. Camera Quality is not an issue,only Music Quality. Thnx in advance. also Good Speaker [volume While Playing Ringtone] would be a bonus. please reply Fast coz my old phone crashed!!!
  14. techygeek

    Mobile under 5.5k

    Hey guys i am lukin out for a phone under 5.5k with basic multimedia features and should have decent sound and image quality with support for 3rd party apps is nokia 6233 still available in mumbai? if yes where?
  15. A

    Motherboard within 5-5.5 k

    Hi, Please suggest me a motherboard with onboard video within 5 - 5.5k Thanks
  16. U

    Best Grafix Card For this System

    Hi Mine System Config is Which Grafix card will go best with it mine budget is 5.5k
  17. bodyquest

    am2\am2+ motherboard!

    HI! guys plz suggest a good motherboard to overclock a am2 cpu 4800+..... .....should have plenty of overclock options and should b stable.... .....future proof.....must support future batch of phenom am2+...that tlb-fixed thingy! .....should b under 5.5k! .....don't want sli\xfire..... .....ATX...
  18. P

    wanna upgrade need suggestion

    i want to upgrade my C.P.U. i m thinking of buying an AMD system now i just want to know that what Processor and mobo shuld i go for my budget is around 5.5k for proc+mobo pls suggest me keeping in mind that i m a gamer :p thanks waiting 4 ur replies....
  19. T

    Best buy digicam under 5.5k help guyz!

    please guyz tell me the best digicam around a budget of 5.5k!
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