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  1. bhushan2k

    Best 2.1/5.1ch speakers in 3k-5k gaming/multimedia

    any suggestions?? edifier c2 2.1ch creative inspire t6160 5.1ch Altec Lansing VS3251 E 5.1ch any other??
  2. Tenida

    Roccat Kave 5.1Ch. Headset

  3. H

    Need a 5.1ch speaker system

    currently i own a AL VS1421 2.1ch spkr system. sound card is a Creative X-Fi Xtreme PCi-e sound card.i'm looking to upgrade to a 5.1ch spkr system whose bass level matches or out perfs the VS1421.main usage is movies,music & games.budget is not much cuz i dont hav much cash after all this Core...
  4. pantheratigris

    processor query

    I have an Intel D850MV motherboard. I currently have a 1.5GHZ processor with 400MhZ FSB. Which is the fastest possible processor that is compatible with my motherboard? Also will my motherboard support a 5.1ch soundcard?
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