1. jaimin100

    want to update my nikon lens

    Hi friends, I have used my kit lens18-55mm lot and fully satisfied with. Now its time to update my lens : I figured out some lens 1. Nikon 70-300(6.1k as on fk) 2.Nikon 50-200vr(7.5k) 3.tamron 70-300(8.6k) 4.sigma 70-300(8.2k) This are bunch of lens which make me confuse. Why I...
  2. P

    buy help nikon af-s 50mm 1.8/g

    hi guys getting nikon af-s 50mm 1.8/g for Rs 8290.....please hows the deal is product on amazon.in genuine the seller is Tecki-Home thanks
  3. Faun

    What's the difference between these prime lenses ?

    I am planning to buy one of the prime for portrait photography as I realized that the default 80-105mm is not that good for portrait, esp in dim light conditions. I know because i had to struggle to get the best out of it as the sun set down. I have Nikon D7000 to pair with these. So here...
  4. A

    Nikkor 50mm for D3100

    Will this lens work with the D3100 > NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D NIKON LENS (Link) what issues i may face with this lens if i use it with the D3100. Is it good for landscape ? > Also what would you recommend.. 35mm or 50mm for landscapes an group pics ? > Also if i have the 18-55 lens, will the 50mm be...
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