1. sujeet2555

    Need to upgrade my PC under rs 50000.

    my old graphic card which is GTX560 died and rest of PC needs and upgrade.i want to play games at FHD at either at medium or high settings with some frills on/off (not important) .mainly stable fps. after some googling i came to this config; 1. i5 4590 2. MSI H81-P33 3. RAM 4GbX2 4. GTX...
  2. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Corsair Vengeance 4GBx2 1600Mhz @ 3k

    Hi, I want to buy Corsair Vengeance 4GBx2 1600Mhz @ 3k with 9-9-9-24 CL9 Anyone having such RAM kit please PM me asap...
  3. R

    Budget 70K. Need to Finalize below specs.

    Shortlisted the below config. Need to make it fit in the budget now with help from you guys. Intel core i5 4440 -12k / i5 4570 -13k Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H -7.5k Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz (4GBx2) -5.8K/ kingston hyperx blue (4GBX2) -5.4k Antec VP650P -4.5K/ Corsair GS600 4.6K...
  4. G

    How good is my gaming pc

    HELLO guys i am new to this forum and i want to know is the following components is good for gaming and also futureproof here is my rig: Mobo- gigabyte z68xp-ud4(rev1.3) i.e pci3 compatible Processor-intel core i5 2500k Heatsink-coolermaster hyper 212 evo Ram-corsair vengeance 1600 4gbx2...
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