1. .jRay.

    Seller Query Reliable Seller to buy an expensive watch??

    The Seller Wrist Dãƒâ‰Cor Does anyone have an experience buying from him? He has a rating of 4/5 Are his watches Original?
  2. S

    Signature Acoustics C12 - Brielfy compared with TF10/RE262/M3

    Impressions of C12 from my end ... Packaging :- Packing is really good , as good as any IEM offered in the sub 4k category . The case offered looks really beautiful , but i always feel it would be more helpful in protecting me from stopping a bullet hit at me rather than carrying IEM's. The...
  3. NoasArcAngel

    post your gaming hardware !

    I am starting this thread so that we can post about the gaming hardware we own like mouse , headphones and keyboard , mouse pads. make a list of good and bad for future reference for others and discussion @ TDF. Mouse : intelli 3.0 [5/5] steel series kinzu [2/5] razer...
  4. tanmoy_Siliguri

    problem with ati cards

    when i played turning point:fall of liberty.......the game run very smoothly...but it stuck after every 4/5 secs for 4/5 secs...i have ati radeon hd 4670(driver 9.1)..i face this piculiar type of problem first time for this game particularly..plz help..
  5. Â

    Best 4/5 MP digital camera

    Years since I've visited these forums. Anyway, have a question about digicams. Which is the best value for money 4/5 MP digicam with say 3x optical zoom for normal use? Thanks, Karan.
  6. tarey_g

    [Game Releases:] April 2005

    PC Releases 4/1 Cold War Conflicts (CDV) 4/3 DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (id) 4/4 Heretic Kingdoms: Inquisition (Got Game) 4/4 Poker Superstars (Activision) 4/5 SWAT 4 (Sierra) 4/5 Laser Squad Nemesis (Got Game) 4/5 ER (Vivendi) 4/11 BloodRayne 2 (Majesco) 4/12 Battle of Britain II...
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