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  1. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Want a Full HD Monitor

    Hi guys i will like to buy a 22+ inch full HD monitor. My preference is Benq G2220HD, etc. So guys if any of you will like to sell any full HD monitor please PM me your offers. My Budget is 4-4.5k but it will depend on the type of product. PLEASE PM me all your offers. THANKS.
  2. S

    Cheapest Processor-Mobo combo

    for an extremely tight budget...just want to run win xp sp3/linux and nothing fancy Only requirement in mobo is integrated graphics, audio, ddr-3 support and a PCI-E slot for future if necessary. Processor should obviously have two cores. Total budget for both should come around 4-4.5k...
  3. asif1231

    graphic card

    pls suggest me the best 7 series graphic card between 4-4.5k
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