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    WHich is the better TV of the lot?

    I am looking to buy a 32" LED TV out of the following. Please suggest me which one is better and why. I will be using the Digi cable set top box and it will be mainly used for seeing TV serials only. Viewing Distance - 4-6 ft. 1. Samsung UA32EH6030R 2. Samsung UA32EH5330R 3. Philips...
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    LG 32LM6200 having Motion Sensing problem???

    hi i bought LG 32LM6200 from flipkart waiting for the product . Cost of that product i bought it is for 41799 + 500 flipkart gift voucher. Now offer is over and the price of this product in flipkart is 47,999 and no freebies from flipkart Is this LG 32Lm6200 is having Motion Sensing...
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    which tv i should go ???

    HI all i want to buy 3d tv 32 inch below 45 k. can anyone suggest me which one i should go for first i thought of going for samsung 32eh6030R ,but after reading reviews here in this site im thinking to buy LG 32LM6200. Can you tell me is there any better options than these two. thanks
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