1. MysticHalo


    Ok lets see, how much I can get for this: P3 1.0 Ghz GenuineIntel Proc 30 GB Ultra DMA Hard Disk GEFORCE 5500 PCI 128 MB (supports DX 9) ASUS motherboard 2x256 MB SDRAM (hynix) 250W SMPS Original HP Pavilion Cabinet :D The comp is working perfectly fine. Runs all the previous gen...
  2. C

    Quake con 2K4 or Doom 3???

    WITH ID SOFTWRAE LAUNCHING 2 MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES, LETS SEE HOW MANY PPL LIKE WHICH OF THEM. Doom3 has used the best graphics engineand has reckoned everybody with its superb gameplay. Quake con 2K4 is also another breathtaking game launched recently. with its super graphics it moves the...
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