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    buyin fone 2day..pls help me 2 select b/w these fones

    Hiii Frnds...I am buying a Nokia cell fone 2day.... my budget is arnd 7k ...n i hve 2 buy only nokia..plss no suggestions for other brands....i have shortlisted followin phones....pls help me to select the best b/w these...as m nt able to decide b/w these :( Nokia 3120 classic -- Rs...
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    Moto Rokr U9

    Hey guy i'm in 4 a new fone.and this time i aint gonna buy Nokia.:D wat i'm considering is the ROKR U9.saw the fone 2day and found it to be pretty good lookin.moreover it comes bundled iwth the S705 StereoFM & Bluetooth Pendant which i can also with with my other fones.:) wat i wanna know is...
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