1. B

    How to copy OS into different drive?

    I currently have 2 HDDs a 1TB WD green and 2TB WD black 1. WD Green 1TB [4 partitions] C: (48GB) Win7 D: (600GB) ISOs E: (246GB) Movies F: (35GB) fraps videos 2. WD black 2TB G: (100GB) H: (683GB) I: (1.05TB) is it possible to move the contents of C drive [windows 7]...
  2. tango_cash

    strange problem in partitioning new 320gb harddisk.....

    hi people my config is 2.8 intel p4 h.t, 915gav intel mobo,1.5gb ram, 250gb hdd segate. i have bought a new segate 320gb hdd. now i want to install os on it . so i made partitions in it . i made 30gb 100gb 100gb and 68gb partitions in it. but there is a strange problem. in the disk management...
  3. tango_cash

    how 2 partition & instal xp on new hdd i have brought.xp is already on existing hdd??

    hi friends i have brought a new 320gb hdd.i already have a 250gb hdd. i want to install os on the new 320gb hdd as it has 16mb buffer and perpendicular recording. so please tell me how to install xp on it because i already have xp installed on the 250gb hdd. also what is the difference between...
  4. kumarmohit

    Panasonic takes BluRay to 100GB

    Source: *www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/8045.cfm
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