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    LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

    This is such a masterpiece by LG and would be best available TV screen which can also be used as PC. Any launch updates for India?
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    LG acquires webOS from HP to use in their smart tv's.

    No reply yet for my query. Guys please tell about HP web OS as I’m damn confused about this term and its use in LG smart TV. Any further information regarding the same would be appreciated.
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    LG 2013 line up models vs Sony 2013 line up models.

    The link you have shared was quite old, I’d appreciate if anyone of you would come up with some latest news about the launch of 2013 Sony or LG TV lineups.
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    LG announces two more OLED TV's

    What are the launch plans for these two sizes of OLED TVs? Has there been any official announcement for their price?
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    LG acquires webOS from HP to use in their smart tv's.

    Well everything is clear to me but wondering why LG is not using the Google OS instead, and for HP - I mean what sort of OS it would be? And in which TVs will they use it?
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    Lack of 4k content can be a threat for 4k TV buying?

    Thanks for your reply so you believe that lack of content is not a threat and only price is the major one? Though I agree price is the big one but wondering about the availability of 4K content though.
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    Social Networking - Is it getting addictive?

    Here is the another example of being addictive with SNS http://$200-to-quit-facebook/
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    MTNL Bil error to 13Cr

    This is extremely ridiculous and surprising :shock:
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    Lack of 4k content can be a threat for 4k TV buying?

    How many of you believe that lacking 4k contents in the industry can be a real threat for 4k TV buyers? And is it wise enough to purchase 4k TV even after knowing that majority of 4k content is still restricted to production houses? Please share your views on this.
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    Let's go to visit Google Office

    There must be some issue in turning up those url on web however, they were posted correctly. Here is the link by Google URL Shortener follow it, suppose to work this time - Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
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    Ultra HDTV dedicated thread

    I’ll praise the technology if it would become possible! But what if people don’t have 4k TV by that time; is there any other medium left through which we can get the access of those satellite channels?
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Any idea when Micromax A116 is coming out in market?? yesterday i got a link about this Canvas series phone but didn't able to get any info about its launch.
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    Ces 2013

    What about Sony ultra-HD OLED TV? I heard from somewhere that they have launched world’s first 4K OLED TV whereas; Samsung and LG showed their 4k and OLED TVs separately.
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    What's the best source to get technology news?

    Just follow the online technical sites, get their weekly updates subscription, follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Or Google them as much as you can.
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    2d hdtv to 3d hdtv

    I am in doubt here; ”you said Nvidia 3D vision kit is compatible only with 120hz 3D monitors that are certified 3D vision compatible by Nvidia on its official site”. I want to ask why one would need a 3d kit when they already have a 120Hz 3D monitor? This discussion is all about converting 2d TV...
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