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  • how ur 6121tx going? any serious issues like high temp,low fps in games etc.i want to buy it for gaming.
    Really, really tough to do. Consider it impossible for the time being. :oops:
    yup, that's a good idea. Excellent rather. :) It will require modding, but I'm willing to take the risk.
    I have made so many posts in that thread. I'l post later. Currently on mobile.
    tumar kiba purona psu ase neki? kam koribone? moi 11:30-40am't goi pam. gharat nusumau. tumar ma matha garam hai jabo :D pc niniu dia. bohut ujan.
    nop. kam kora nai he. gigabyte support abar likhu neki. kali mng tumak ram ghurai dim dia. its nt ram problem. motherboard akou gol neki.
    thik kam kori asil but maybe around 2nd pass, reboot. tumar lagat keidal ram stick ase? ata beleg ram stick use kori test koribo lagisil.
    kenekua hol? moi mem test mari asu atia. ram error haba pare buli koise sorcerer. so test kori asu roba. moi only ram test koribo lage.
    pc tumar lagat ase ne? need a bit of help. need to test my DDR3 ram sticks. just for 30min. mur pc boot nuhua hoise.

    & when xam will start?
    galti ho gayi lol. naam badal raha tha. admin usergroup se nikal gaya. pata nahi kaise. lol. my mistake.
    I don't have it as it's still not available ( I buy it from local book·stall ) - will get it after a few days ;-)
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