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    Mental health to be covered under health insurance from 31st October 2022 in India

    Very good news, but I doubt most insurance companies will actually cover you. They'll somehow find a way to weasel out for sure.
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    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    I don't want to put my money in a bank with the name "Mauritius" in the title irrespective of RBI policy
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    Post your Speedtest results

    much better
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    Post your Speedtest results

    Try with LAN connection and send a pic also
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    Need for Speed Unbound

    I'd rather keep playing Forza. Hard pass on this MTX ridden company
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    GPU NEWS Channel So here goes
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    Is it possible to repair iPad 5th generation?

    Could cost 5-10k if the inside glass is damaged. Take it to an apple authorized center for a quote.
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    Screenshots Channel (56K warning)

    nono, highlight from FIFA 22 when I took a free kick.
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    Screenshots Channel (56K warning)

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    Windows 7 getting Corrupt Every 6 Months ? Solution ?

    I didn't read the whole thread, any particular reason you haven't updated to Windows 10 ? Most corporate software and drivers are succesfully ported to windows 10 now. It's a very stable OS.
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    TRAI to bring Caller-ID App

    I don't think it will be an app. The name will be flashed on our phone screens whenever it's not saved. Directly above unknown number.
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    I think this was done in digit magazine earlier and probably still being done. I've had answers I've written on the forum printed in the magazine many years back.
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    Post your Speedtest results

    BSNL Fiber ping to Delhi. Usually get better in games but yeah. Happy with this.
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Sometimes these DBs just conk off. Doubt it was DDOS attack.
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    This is the single best video on the internet of Sean Dyche parody. Must watch.
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