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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Mods can move whenever there is a mis-classification of threads.
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    Wifi Ac recomemndations?

    Brand wise I trust Panasonic more. Had lots of issues with LG in past. Regarding size, if your budget does permit go for 1.5T although it can be bit of overkill. Sent via Tapatalk
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    Windows 11 ISO leaked Sent via Tapatalk
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    Phone in 20K

    Maybe consider the Samsung M42 5G as an alternative. The redmi one isn't bad but the proximity sensor thing is somehting I haven't read much about yet. Sent via Tapatalk
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    PC Game Deals

    Need some other way to get it. My games uses to be deleted without notice when I had game pass. Downloading such a large sized game multiple times isn't an option. Still sad to see this game go off without a sequel yet. Sent via Tapatalk
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    Can the Netflix PrimeVideo & Disney Hotstar clubbed with Jio Wireless Post paid plans be used on ones Smart 4K TV or 4K Firestick?

    Hotstar is the standard HD plan. I'm using it on my smart TV. Others, not so sure. Sent via Tapatalk
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    Do you judge the cost of smartphones based on the chipsets?

    You had a LG P500 or P698. How was the experience with that? Sent via Tapatalk
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    PC Game Deals

    Probably a skip. Forza Horizon 5 is coming soon so maybe get that when it drops [emoji14] Sent via Tapatalk
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    Questions about premium VPN Services.

    The site loads fine for me? If your card can do the payment I'm sure it'll work. I think @aaruni has used it in the past. Sent via Tapatalk
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    Questions about premium VPN Services. Use Mullvad. They don't keep logs and are trusted by people like Snowden. Especially don't use Express or Nord.
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    Steam Deck announced by Valve

    SSD will be replacable btw. Someone from reddit mailed the Gabe.
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    Books reading & listening - Kindle or iPad?

    Been using my iPad for books, etc for years. Sure Kindle is easier on the eyes but iPad can do "much more".
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    Steam Deck announced by Valve

    No reason to buy something underpowered like Nintendo Switch once this is available. Unless, you want to play their exclusives ofcourse.
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    LinkedIn Premium for jobs

    yeah, CC is needed. They set the date when your trial ends so it will be charged after that.
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    LinkedIn Premium for jobs

    Premium isn't really that useful I feel. Atleast when applying in India there are so many candidates. Try the free month and see if you get any help.
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