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    Help me out in choosing a proper course and where I should do it?

    Firstly I have just finished Bcom, MY Aggregate will most likely end up being between 58-60% which is really less I know. Looking for courses such as MBA Or masters in accounting/finance. I will work for a year or two and also do my CMA US still then. Since CMA US has no jobs in India, I...
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    Torrent sites blocked again?

    working fine on airtel
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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    Post the issue on google's bug tracker.
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    [Jobs] TinyOwl sacks over 100 employees, shuts operations in 4 cities

    And then we have a new entry to this field , Swiggy. Which is better than foodpanda
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    Official OnePlus 2 Discussion Thread

    AFAIK, They will have a Open sale too, A lot of them. What I hate about X oxygen os and After sales, but you can flash a rom.
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    Why do they do this?
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    Yuphoria vs Yureka Plus vs Redmi 2 Prime

    AFAIK , Yureka+ is nothing but a bumped up Yureka with a 1080p screen
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    F**K htc One A9 !! Looking for another options

    What you are joking right ? I think you misread that as nexus 6
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    Moto X 2015: Style and Play Discussion Thread

    I believe soon motorola will sell these phones locally too?
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    Google Nexus 2015: LG and Huawei Discussion Thread (Rumors)

    They probably had inside info about the pricing
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    MicroMax Yu Yureka discussion thread

    Other than Yureka, the rest 2 Yu phone's are made and designed by Micromax itself.
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    Need a replacement laptop under 40k

    Any other than acer.
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    Need a replacement laptop under 40k

    It depends on what I can get. So what are good laptops in this range?
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    Need a replacement laptop under 40k

    Nop.My bad here. Hope it get's fixed. Anyway, just suggest a decent laptop. I will try selling this z510.
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