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    School Started or Closed.
    I guess it Summer Vacation for You???
    Lots of Free time...
    BTW instead of Joining some Randome Coaching Class for 2D/3D Courses try to learn online...Money Saved+Learn Something. There is a Guy named bucky on Youtube..his channel is The "newboston"..he has tons of Nice Tut Vids to Kickstart Programming and Designing...Subscribe to my early days of learning it was primary source of knowledge..BTW that Guy is Multi-Talented to say the least..give it a Try when You Can.:)
    BTW you can do Magical thing even with Simple Texts in PS. Just download some Fancy Font set and apply them to images.;)
    Since you are leanrer now you are free to choose subject or theme of Your Paintings and draw them as you this way you cna use the tools and learn how they work.

    When you work as Professional Designer you are bound by strict subject and Constraints and there we cant EXPERIMENT with toolsets or techniques..we have to follow fixed Workpath to finish the ART or PRoject on time withouth compromising on Quality.

    So EXPERIMENT as much as you can ...Thats the best way to learn..BE Practical in approach.

    For eg the NY Disaster Painting you created was based on Nice idea and you could have Flamed it Up with custom Brush effects or have tried downloadinf some Fireball brushes to apply it to them.:)
    Still you can do that..;)
    For a Good and Professional finishing of your artwork you need time to hone up your skill.
    It wont come at once.
    Keep doing it soon you will see you images will start feeling much more Polished.

    Dont end up applying Too much extra tweaking after your painting is finished.

    Start using filters and Brushes..they are the key too digital painting...therea are tons of free PS brushes them.
    For the cartoonish problems...i think you need to work on your Precise Mouse Handling and Efficient use of Brushes.

    Try to work with Layer masks for better and cleaner layer effect results.
    Google it to learn about the basics of Masking in Photoshop.

    Never over-stress it.If you are satisfied with a change then instead of IMPROVING it its better to move on to next level.
    Sorry for late reply.:|
    Was BUSY.
    You asked about Digital Painting.
    First of all decided the Theme or need not be a literal topic...anything abstract like a visual imagery of Black-white patters etc will work.
    Just have a feel and sense of The image that want in the end.
    AFTER That start with a white background doc in Photoshop.
    Start by filling with solid colours or patterns/gradient for the base.
    To generate the Imagery or designs use Random brushes or download specific brushes of your choice.
    USe the filters bundled with PS.No need to master them.Just apply them to a base colour layer with some design patters....tweak up the sliders to get desired effect..even if you dont know what actually you are looking for you might find the it while toying with the filter sliders....Digital painting or art is not about perfection its about the concept and idea..the image should be Representative of what you wanted it to be.
    3DMARK test is a very demanding test. Even the fastest cards out there give a minimun FPS of 15-20 sometimes. So don't worry, your card is just OK.
    Well thats strange. See some fixes online, maybe you downloaded the wrong version. I don't know much about benchmarking using 3DMARK.
    I used to play bfbc2 multi.
    Barely i get to Play multi player now coz of my busy scheduled+most of time i have in leisure is dedicated to SP Games and TDF:mrgreen:

    Finished BF3 on friends PC though.
    SP sucked so never bothered to add to my Small Game collection.
    2nd Spot to Racing Games,Hooked since 5th Class after I played NFS2.:p

    RPG..rarely..they are long...and most of the time i have to end up in midway due to Time constraints..and hence i prefer my bucks on games which i enjoy plus can finish without having to regret i wasted my Cash on some game i never played to end.
    FPS/TPS is my most loved genre.
    Big Time fan of Battlefield,COd,Crysis,Far Cry,MOH,Bulletstorm,Gears of War.
    Talking of GTA i have always rated Saints row Games above it.
    I mean its feels much better to Play as Badass Gangsta Dude than just Gangsta Dude.:mrgreen:
    Recently played SAints row third...Great Game..Dx11 is there but dont makes much use of it other than causing Serious Frame drops.DX9 Version looks as good.
    AC2 has 40+hrs of Single Player Campaign with Very High replaybility.
    BTW i was never a GTA fan.
    Get AC2 then.BTW Listen to 'Earth.'.a theme song by Jasper for used to play in background in most missions,never figured it out which one it was untill my friend Told me about It.
    It think its bit too dark.
    Should add some nice Bloom or Lightning.
    I think you messed up with LAYERS Blending Mode.
    For scenes like those rely mostly on Overlay,Normal and Soft Light.
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