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    Ode to the Thief: doesn’t quit, but goes legit

    there is still *** ****** Bay
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    October 2009 OS stats: Windows 7 passes Snow Leopard, Linux

    Boo linux My message is too short Man I hate indian forums.
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    Firefox Mobile Logo Revealed

    The logo actually looks awesome.
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    I'm playing C.O.P. The Recruit.
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    Whats better a apple macbook or a samsung netbook?

    The 13" mac book pro is the best. You can install windows OS on it too. Plus the advantages of the MAC OS
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    Which is the better archiving software

    Winrar because it's more known and better than winzip. Not many people know about 7zip yet.
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    Google Wave invites!!!

    I f you want one so badly get it from the google wave website.
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    BSNL 2-8 utorrent download automated(no need to wake up, no paid software needed)

    I've tried this before but I don't have much to download
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    Danish students allowed use of internet during exams

    Lucky them. But remember they might not be learning too.
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    Operating System inside a browser

    Though this is a app. Google's chrome OS will be based on something like this.It's told to be the online desktop.
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    Wii 2 to come in 2010 with Blu-ray, fullHD support; new 4-inch DSi this year?

    The wii 2 will be released in Q3 of 2010. It is going to be HD to reduce piracy. The current Wii owners will get a discount on the Wii 2.
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    Giving Free Invitations for Lockerz (Invitation-Based Site)

    You have to remember that the restock will be in the mid of november for z-listers.
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    ACER 5738g or DELL STUDIO 15 or HP Pavilion

    Go for the DELL STUDIO 15. I've tried it and it's the best from the choice from what youve given here.
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    I don't like football much.I only watch it for the fact that there is nothing else to watch. But I do love playing it. Basketball is now my fav.
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