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    PC Game Deals

    The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity.Killer is Dead free on Humble Bundle
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    PC Game Deals

    The Walking Dead (season 1) Steam code free here - only until tmrw
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    PC Game Deals

    Monaco free on Steam - only today.
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    Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

    I only just started.. and it's nice. So similar to the first game and yet there are few new things/mechanics. As Chloe you don't have the time-reversing power but there's an interesting way to like argue and talk through someone who stops you or something.
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    Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

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    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    still, haven't finished the Original Sin after my save game file got deleted. this looks cool!
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    There Is An App For That - Ask Us !

    I use a Moto G5 Plus. I need a music player app that has the ability to set next/previous song functions on the volume up/down buttons. I think n7 it some other player had that feature before. But now I can't find anything. So please let me know if there's an app for that. Sent from my Moto G...
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    Classic/Vintage games discussion

    I remember playing Future Cop LAPD from EA. It was a TPS game where you play as a cop mecha. There was split screen multiplayer too which was just too fun :)
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    Difference between google analytics aquisition and audience

    AFAIK, acquisition views where your traffic is coming from. Data showing whether it is from organic sources like Google or Bing or if it is from other sites (referral). The audience is basically data of all the traffic and their characteristics like the country they are from, browser and OS they...
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    This War of Mine -

    Actually, I got bored of it after the first try where I killed them all pretty quickly. Will have to go again but it's really boring for me :/
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    Must Play Indie Games

    WHERE IS ONESHOT ?!? Seriously, best indie I've ever played. It's a cute little game. edit: it looks like no one ever played or heard of it here. If so, just go and get it....! it's on steam.
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    Age of Empires IV

    lol I thought AOE was dead after Ensemble Studios' demise but wow... let's go!!
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    Best phones in Rs.16000

    LG Q6 is a great contender at this budget now. You can get it without any worries IMO.
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    everything looks good. new here and my pc is not anything special to share (or show off)
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    blank mind

    blank mind
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