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    URGENT: Wishnet Kolkata tariff validation required.

    Hello friends, I have been using Wishnet for a few years now. My cable operator "South End Telelink" in Regent Estate in south Kolkata has been giving me "Bronze Super" unlimited plan. He charges me Rs 500 every month. Recently I checked the Wishnet website and saw that "Bronze Super" is...
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    [Want to Buy] Socket A motherboard

    Hello all, Looking to buy any Socket A motherboard. My old MSI KM400conked off recently and since the desktop is used for internet surfing, I do not wish to upgrade it. Hoping to utilize my existing AMD Athlon XP CPU and DDR333 RAm stick, and therefore looking for this particular socket...
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    Query regarding TV tuner card.

    Hello, I have an old 17 inch CRT monitor lying round the house. The CPU is not there. I want a external TV tuner card which would allow me to watch cable TV on that monitor. Which would be reliable model for this purpose? No extra feature is required(recording etc).
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    PSU warranty??

    OOps my thread has been hijacked..... "Does anybody know if that 7 year warranty is available if I buy 1 of those Corsair PSUs in Kolkata? " This is the doubt. A lot fo you have purchased from Kolkata, so you have 1st hand experience. That's why I asked. Mukherjee da kichu bolo.... :)
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    PSU warranty??

    From the website I came to know that Corsair offers 7 years warrany for these products: Professional Series™ Gold (Models AX1200, AX850, and AX750) have a 7 year warranty Professional Series™ (Models HX450, HX650, HX750 and HX850) have a 7 year warranty Does anybody know if that 7 year...
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