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  • Yes, there are many versions of GM. The one I have is.. <cant say on forum :p> and allows only exe generation. Newer version, that is HTML5 and GM:Studio allow development for other platforms too.

    And construct, yaa! I have heard about it too but last time I tried to install it, it didn't run(I was on winXP). I am on win7 now so I will give it a try for sure! :D :D
    You don't get me again :p lol

    I said I use Game Maker, which sells for $200 for each platform. :p

    And about UDK, I have tried that and am still trying to learn it. Its difficult for me to learn that, play games and study all at same time :)) :))
    Oh, btw FAUN knows about UDK I guess...
    BTW As I read in the poem, its:
    I have miles to go and promises to keep before I sleep,
    not before I goto sleep. :|
    Oh. I can code them, but the problem is I only use Game Maker for it. Its a great tool for all kinds of games, but it can only make exe games. For all others(iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac, PSP), a $200 license needs to be purchased.
    I don't have that license, so if prize is 10Lakh or just 100, I know I will be disqualified so why to try? :p
    I think you didn't get me. I can program the games, but only the executable ones.. They don't turn out to be too good as I expect, because I slowly loose interest in it or because I am unable to get the assets for game. :(
    Thanks about the blog post. Lamb of God is coming for a full-fledged concert. For me its not about the vocals, I look for dexterity and complexity of music, vocals are secondary. (Lamb of God not Deathmetal BTW)
    how is the battery life of yoyr galaxy y?
    i need to charge twice a day for heavy use.... :(
    I have absolutely no idea. I posted about this in the Bugs section, but everyone is as baffled as I am.
    looks like her but not sure. the place from where i downloaded didn't said anything about name.
    Its already there. "Custom User Title" is my custom user title :lol:

    If I remove it, it was something like 'Alpha Geek'(default) :)
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