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    Xpert Vision GF 9600GT - 512MB

    Ha ha.. U aren't joking pal...:lol::lol: You can get brand new 1GB 9500 for lower than 3500.. eBay India: XFX Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI -E 9500GT 1 GB (item 200536342285 end time 01-Nov-2010 15:09:48 IST) Thats for the XFX card.. U can get low branded ones even cheap...:roll:
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    80GB SATA and IDE HDD

    Interested in WD 80GB.. quote back if u still have it..
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    What Should i do to get my Digit Magazine on first of every month?

    :evil: I am really getting angry every month first week, because i won't be getting digit. Every month since Jan, 2009. Subscription No. A010301. I suggested the help desk to send me the copies through Professional Courier. But they are sending through blue dart. But i receive my copy only...
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Re: **Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here** Hai, I am using home 500 plan from BSNL.I am having great trouble with my connection.Often i get download speed only at 1Kbps evan they say that it is 2mbps.But i think there is no problem with my hardwre...Is the distance from the...
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    [By Demand] - Digit March 2007

    Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Trial Please... As we use Visual Studio for most projects plese provide one...
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    What you need for that?:cool:

    In this thread post your queries to Different hardwares... I mean what hardwre is perfect for you,for your need? example >a inkjet printer for home rather than a costly laser printer >a smart tv tuner card rather than a costly one with a 256MB memory. >>>>>>etc. Thanks... <<<<<<I NEEDED...
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