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    Strange IP Behaviour

    so there is no cause for alarm? and what about going through cloudflare for every site and the public ip getting blacklisted?
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    Strange IP Behaviour

    I live in Kolkata and use a Wishnet Unlimited Plan from my LCO - for the past few days whenever I try to access a few sites, I have to pass the cloudflare security check " One more step Please complete the security check to access" The page also says - "If...
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    What did you eat today?

    Bengali Version of Pasta ( Boiled pasta fried with onions, carrot,potato, peas, beans in sunflower oil)
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    Need Suggestions for a 1T/3* AC in Kolkata

    Hi all Need suggestions for a split ac for My 110 sft room on top floor.consumption will be approx 40 hours/Month and 6 Months/Year Following units are available for My pincode -...
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    The Photography Thread

    Any Idea How to Post produce those superb bengali wedding shots we often see on FB?
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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    any Reason Not To buy ZTE Blade Q Lux? Its 4199 on Infibeam today Does it have any disadvantages over Lenovo A 2010?
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    PC Buying Guide and Suggested Configs 2015 - Q2

    Best VFM APU/Mobo Combo for HD Movie viewing/Casual gaming?
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    Pc freezes when USB Device inserted + possible psu problem

    Okay, so here's what happened - 320 gb external hdd stopped functioning 2.after that any usb device plugging in would cause my pc to freeze 3. Googled and as a possible fix Used USBDeview to delete all known usb mass storage drivers 4.the problem remained 5.after that a...
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    Budget Camera for Good Bokeh

    I want it to come straight out of the camera,no post processing also by "interchangable lens cameras" u mean a dslr/t right? what do you think of the two cameras ithehappy has suggested? or this one... Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera Rs.20995 Price in India - Buy Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera...
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    Budget Camera for Good Bokeh

    What's your budget? 18-20k (Cant Extend) Camera type? DSLR or MILC Body Style Doesnt Matter How much zoom do you want/expect? the Usual amount. not Looking for a superzoom Do you care for manual exposure controls? Kinda What's the purpose? Hobby/Home use...Taking photoes while...
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    Headphones, earphones news and discussion thread

    Guys in need of a cheap iem. will be used in long distance commute twice a week so durability is a must,one of the reasons i am not choosing es18 blindly. consider this links - Access Denied Headphones - Buy Headphones Online at Best Prices in India. Under ?1,000 - 4 Stars & Up /...
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    How is Wishnet?

    Must be a very bad ISP, this wishnet.No replies
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    How is Wishnet?

    Pmed him, anybody else has anything to offer
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    Please answer my queries here friend.much obliged...

    Please answer my queries here friend.much obliged.
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    How is Wishnet?

    So finally I have made up my mind to get rid of bsnl and get Wishnet.Willing to get the Bronze Super Night Plan.Here are some queries that I have - 1. How is their service in general? 2.Does the peering work?what is the site whose torrents they peer? 3.Does the 1 mbps from 1-9am thing work...
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