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    Connecting to the net with bluetooth

    Yes it is very much Possible but first you have toa avail for the net connection from Hutch, airtel whichever you are using. Plus this is possible if you are a post paid user and it will cost you rs. 500 extra from the monthly bill of yours.
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    Password Lost......

    recently my friend registered himself here (thinkdigit) but accidently emptied the bulk mail which include the activation of the account whenever he tried to log in it says to consult the forum administrator Please help
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    What's wrong with the cd?

    Always Check the inside hole( HeHE) of the Media for the cracks they are the main reason for the bang.
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    Sheep inside Wolf.....

    Some friend of mine told me that i can use my CDROM Drive to read DVDROM using some software. is it true. if yes using which one......
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    CRC Errors!!!

    Download the file again (lol) or else use the repair feature of Winrar
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    Killer executables in Win XP

    this funny problem occurs every now and then with me what really happens is the moment i click on some Executable files(normally Setups (of course virus free))...then BAM my pc restart at a speed of lightining ruining everything going on at that moment of time. whats causing this problem :roll:
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    Hard Drive toooo hard for 815

    thankXxxx but this just spray hydrogen on fire Partition Manager 2003 form seagate is showing the correct partition size available but when i start creating the partition i get 128GB as the maximum instead of 149GB. can someone, anyone tell me where problem lies. OR i have to say ASTA-LA-VISTA...
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    Hard Drive toooo hard for 815

    Aaahhhhh........ i've gone throurg this crap before but still i cant partition my drive (ofcourse even with the new disk manager both for windows and DOS) please dont copy such text and reply. if you realy want to help , help me by telling how to partition this damn drive using my PC
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    Hard Drive toooo hard for 815

    recently after a week of Q&A at different shops in nehru place, i was told or i can say i was made sure that the 160GB hard drive will work fine with my PC (Conf: PIII 1Ghz, 815 DFI (model: CS-65EC), 256 MB RAM). so i buyed it ( Seagate Baracuda160GB (sorry if miss spelled))and plugged it to my...
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