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    Smartphone buying advice. Budget under 6000.

    Hi, So my Xperia Sola is finally breathing its last, I think, after almost two and a half years. It hangs a little too much and basic applications like whatsapp force close in every 2 minutes. What phone should I go for next. I only use my phone for whatsapp and google maps and listening...
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    Buying an ebook reader under 8000/- PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Could you also look at the ebay link I sent and check if it is dependable. Because it is the same as paperwhite and much cheaper.
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    Buying an ebook reader under 8000/- PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

    Hi guys/girls, I am looking for an ebook reader under the budget of 7000 rupees. I found a link for a Nook Glowlight online on ebay: Nook Glowlight BNRV500 Barnes Noble Ereader 6" Kindle Paperwhite Alternative | eBay Since I wanted an ebook reader with a light and a long battery life, is...
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    Which DSLR to buy for College?

    Hi I just got selected in a Culture and Media Course in Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I am required to work with a camera for certain projects and make photo documentaries. Other than that I also need a camera as an amateur photographer. To get an idea of my photography you can see my...
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    Earphones/Headphones around 2000/- (ASAP)

    Thankyou so much for the information. Could you also help me out with this final query, I was also considering these two models and I frequently listen to dubstep as well so should I still stick to the Brainwavz model or try out these ones? And in this case what is the difference between the...
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    Earphones/Headphones around 2000/- (ASAP)

    Hi I am totally clueless about all this and need advice asap..also, I want to order online so please suggest something which is available online, I can extend my budget up till 2500. can somebody please suggest me Earphones or Headphones(preferably) that would provide me with 1. Awesome...
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    Help needed for buying a phone with budget around 18k-20k!

    Hi, So coming to the point, I am going to buy my first android phone and I had shortlisted a few phones but I'm really confused. Among the shortlisted ones were Xperia Sola, Xperia P, HTC One V and HTC One S. I wanted to go for P but 16GB isn't enough for me. And S just goes beyond my...
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