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    Need to Buy AC : Inverter or Non Inverter?

    Hi, I have ordered Daikin FTKP50PRV16 From Flipkart. but now i came to know , Daikin do not provide any warranty if you purchase from Flipkart/ecommerce Site . I am requesting everyone , do not buy DaiKin Ac from any ecommerce site. Below is the email communication from Daikin and Flipkart.
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    Need to Buy AC : Inverter or Non Inverter?

    Hi, I am thinking of Buying AC . Everyone is telling me Inverter AC is best then non inverter in term of Efficiency and Monthly Bill. What you Guys suggest ? Inverter or Non inverter? Which Model should i buy? My Budget is 40K. I have checked Daikin Inverter Ac . Is it Good...
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    NZXT Gamma Review

    Nice review dude... :) I recently bought Cooler Master N300 Cabinet :-D
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Thanks bhai for helping me for this awesome buy .. :-o Everything working fine and i played Call of Duty: Ghost for whole night :) , Its a great feel but in the morning suddenly i saw some flickering type of lines appeared. I have uninstalled the driver and again installed after keeping...
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