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    Problem with mobile network

    i have only 1 sim, and i have anyways tried disabling and re-enabling the SIM many times
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    Problem with mobile network

    Hey, so I have a Lenovo VibeK5 with an Airtel sim,and i am facing a weird problem. My 4g net is not working on my mobile, but it is functioning through hotspot connection. I've tried changing APN settings, but nothing seems to work. Any help?
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    So it seems my Asus laptop's screen is ded.It didn't fall,and frankly i have no idea how it happened.Only thing i can think of is i was sleeping right next to it so could have pressed a bit on it,but i seriously don't think that should cause a crack in the screen. anyway,the asus service centre...
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    Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately: PM Narendra Modi

    hey,you know road accidents are misfortunes and the deaths that are being "reported" are murders caused by this demonetisation,and not influenced at all by any other factors right?/s at least that's what people will have you think.i have even heard some compare it to a "genocide". but...
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    Lenovo Y50 vs Dell Inspiron 7559 vs ASUS GL552JX

    i don't think azom does 960m.i asked them a while back,and they said their offering starts from around 1,10,000 upwards,having a 970m,and they had no foreseeable plans for anything lower. it's been i think 2-3 months since then though,so you could try contacting them
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    honestly,i didn't really see it nor heard about it while i was considering my decision.also,price is now 993$ right now,i'm sticking with the rog option as i have looked into it quite a bit and everything is pretty good also, i think the processor is same in both.
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    Assasins Creed Chronicles Episode 2 - India

    frankly,this looks not very much like india.more like the setting from POP,IMO.
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    1300 is out of my budget,plus 300$ for 2GB Vram and 128 gb ssd does not seem a good deal to me. yeah,that's the one i will get,if i get one. at first i was thinking after some time i will get a faster and better pcie(and nvme) drive like samsung 950 pro,but it seems that our laptop only...
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    just an update,i have finally decided on the Asus ROG Gl552VW-DH71 from U.S. the only other thing left to decide is if to get a ssd for it.i am thinking of waiting a while and not getting one now,as an ssd is not essential and i'd like to keep the costs minimum.
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    i don't think they do,but i am getting it from someone there(if i am getting it from U.S.) also anupam_pb i will consider that.currently i am leaning towards the asus one as is
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    hey guys,after a lot of waiting and planning,i a finally getting a new laptop. i may get it locally or from abroad through a friend 1)Budget-60-70k(around 1000 usd) 2)size-mainstream around 15" 3)mostly gaming,both the latest,high end games and older games too,watching movies/anime/tv...
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    Lenovo Y50 70 Now with GTX960M and IPS Display : WORTH IT NOW?

    where is the ips version of the laptop available from? it's a good option,but you can get the non-ips version for 60k from ebay.also,you may also get the asus gl55 at the sam price there. both seem good option if you don't want to spend 20k more
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    PC Game Deals

    ah,bio menace.this was probably my first pc game.actually,it has been free for a while from the developer,i played it with dosbox a while back.
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    PC Game Deals

    Giants:Citizen Kabuto is free on GOG.just scroll past the deals on gog store page,and there it is tucked away at the bottom
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    thanks.though i don't know whether they were already planning to fix the pricing or they did it coz of my mail. well,in any case,i think that now all the AAA and big publisher's games are now available. there are still quite a few indie games that are not available,which i'm guessing could be...
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