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  • oh forgot to tell you! got to know the shipping charge through some japanese website a friend forwarded the link of to me :thumbs:
    hey thamma, any rough idea what could be the approx. shipping charge (INR/Yen) to dispatch a small electronic item from japan to india (mumbai) ? any link where i could look it over ?
    Need Your Help buddy I Am Planing to get a new Console So For 2 Option I Made

    1> PS3 320 GB with Move Bundle + Extra Move Controller + Navigation + PS3 Dual Shock Gamepad+ Free Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel(LetsBuy) for RS-29086.
    2>Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle 250 GB -RS 28199

    So Which One Is A Bang For The Bucks ......

    Also Which one Is Hackable many of My Friends Have PS3 but not with Move And Some Has Xbox 360 without.....
    I Tested Both Core Consoles and Really Liked PS3 Gaming as It Was Much More HD

    So Along W Kinect ith The Above Also Suggest A Speaker System or Home Theater With The Consoles For Around 10k
    I'm back in bangalore. was in home town for few weeks...Just having fun holidays after a long stressful office work.
    TBH, i have used Motorola S9 HD way back in 2008, nokia bh505 in 2010 & plantronics bb 903+ in 2011.

    I will say bh505 is a VFM product.

    Call me in anyday for test try, i have both bh505 & plantronics with me. i will also suggest you to try on your ears first & then feel the difference.
    Nokia bh505 build quality is average, means the outer body. There are chances that it might get break, if you don't take care of it properly. but its not the same case with Plantronics BB 903+

    Both of them can withstand water splash & they are sweat resistance.

    the only plus point i find in Plantronics is the Voice Navigate feature. I mean when you hit previous button, it will play the previous track as well as inform you over speakers that "Previous track Selected"

    Nokia bh505 comes with 3 different size of ear buds, while plantronics with only one. thats why its not confortable to wear for longer time & bass is not audible also. You will suffer once you lose the ear buds in plantronics.

    Pricings point of view, Nokia bh505 - 2.7k, plantronics 3.3k.

    Suggestion: I know, you love to ride bikes. You must wear helmet also, so in that case forget getting bh505 & plantronics bb 903+.
    Get bluetooth Dog Tag ear piece from Jabra.

    Otherwise nokia bh505 is a gr8 device.
    continue in next .
    In simple words,
    Nokia BH505 is far better in SQ compared to Plantronics Backbeat 903+
    battery of nokia bh505 lasts almost 10hrs, whereas plantronicsbb903+ only 7hrs.

    Plantornics bb 903+ fittings on ear is very bad, whereas nokia bh505 fits & sounds like a noise isolated neckphone.

    Continue in second post.
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